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Santa Fe Neighborhoods – Focus on the Santa Fe Railyard

Santa Fe New Mexico Living– Focus on the Railyard

Farmers Market at the Railyard

Farmers Market at the Railyard

One of the joys of living in Santa Fe is being able to shop at the twice weekly Farmers Market that takes place at the Railyard (intersection of Paseo de Peralta and S. Guadalupe Street) every Tuesday and Saturday from 8:00 am to noon. The Farmers Market offers hungry Santa Feans a cornucopia of healthy, local food choices from over 100 active vendors.  One Farmers Market rule is that all of the vegetables, fruits and nursery plants sold there must be grown in northern New Mexico.  The same is true for at least 80% of the ingredients and materials used to make all processed and craft items.

The difference in flavor, aroma and texture between locally grown fruits and vegetables and their supermarket counterparts can be dramatic. This time of year you can find fresh roasted red and green chile, pumpkins, greens, apples, eggplants, herbs, root veggies, eggs, cheeses, grassfed meats, baked goods, fresh-cut flowers, dried foods, original crafts, body care and lavender products at the Farmers Market.


Antonio and Molly Manzanares with their daughter-in-law (right) at their booth at the Farmers Market

Antonio and Molly Manzanares with their daughter-in-law (right) at their booth at the Farmers Market

Recently we decided to investigate ordering a whole lamb from Shepherd’s Lamb, one of the Farmers Market free range and grassfed meat vendors.  At $6.99 a pound carcass weight, it seemed like an opportunity to get a higher quality product at an affordable price, including hard to find cuts like the shoulder and ribs.  Joseph Wrede of the restaurant Joseph’s Table in Taos revealed that Shepherd’s Lamb is one of his favorite local products in Food & Wine Magazine.

Shepherd’s Lamb, owned by Antonio and Molly Manzanares, is located in Tierra Amarilla, in northern New Mexico.  The Manzanares’ write on their website that their “flock grazes on lush native mountain grasses (wheat grass, grama and fescues) and their favorite shrubs, such as mountain mahogany and snowberry. Another favorite feed of the lambs is plumajillo (yarrow). While on summer pasture, the flock and the shepherd’s camp are moved to a new location weekly. This allows the ewes and lambs to have access to fresh feed at all times and ensures the long term good health of the range.”


Shepherd's Lamb flock enjoying the free range

Shepherd’s Lamb flock enjoying the free range

Best of all Shepherd’s Lamb is Certified Organic which means their lambs “are 100% free of genetically modified organisms, pesticides, medications, and growth hormones.”  You can read more about how they raise their sheep and why it is so good for you here.

The website said that a full lamb would be approximately 45 to 55 pounds in carcass weight. Inspired by what we had read, we filled out the order chart which allows you to custom order some of the cuts of lamb and faxed it in.

Approximately 2 ½ weeks after we ordered our lamb, it was available for pickup at the Manzanares’ booth at the Farmers Market in two medium sized cardboard boxes and packed fresh in plastic bags suitable for the freezer.

Our lamb had a carcass weight of 49.5 pounds and yielded the following cuts of meat at a total cost of $346:

–        2  pounds ground lamb (in 2 one pound packages)

–        2.68 pounds lamb loin chops (in a 1.28 pound package and a 1.40 pound package)

–        2 pounds stew meat (in 2 one pound packages)

–        .60 pounds lamb sirloin

–        1 pound lamb arm chops

–        6.3 pounds boneless lamb shoulder (in a 3.6 pound package and a 2.7 pound package)

–        4.2 pounds rack of lamb (in two 2.1 pound packages)

–        11.3 pounds leg of lamb (in a 4.7 pound package and a 6.6 pound bone in package)

–        3.3 pounds lamb shanks (in a 1.3 pound package and a 2 pound package)

–        1.3 pounds lamb neck

–        3.16 pounds lamb ribs (in a .72 pound package, a .84 pound package and a 1.6 pound package)

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